Severed Head & Maple Leaves

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In Progress – Working.

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I have always enjoyed photographs of tattooers working. Especially close up. I think it gives a feel of what large scale tattooing actually looks like. Maybe more than shots of the finished tattoo. So I occasionally ask someone to take a photo while I’m working on a large tattoo. I prefer it when my face isn’t in the shot, but sometimes I have to let the photographer take the shot they want.
Craig Burton took the majority of these photos. Maybe Naomi Reed took some too.

Heron Maiden (& Bodysuit) In Progress

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I started the dragon gate on the back of the right thigh in October 2008. I tattooed the carp slightly less than two weeks ago.

Phoenix & Blossom

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Carp & Maple Leaves in Progress

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Songoku Monkey In Progress

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Carp & Maple Leaves In Progress

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