Last Post.

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Ominous title, I know.

I’ve finally organised myself and my photographs by setting up a propper website that I can hopefully keep current. All the blog posts from here are transferred there and there’s a few new photos in the galleries.

I liked WordPress so much that I set it up on my own server and got a ‘real’ domain name.

I will work out the DNS issues and stop using as soon as I can.

So for new work, updates and propper contact information go to!


Dragon Backpiece In Progress

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Chrysanthemum & Waves Detail

•July 27, 2010 • 1 Comment

I managed to get some healed photos of Tim’s tattoo.

Carp & Maple (Black & Grey) In Progress

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Hangaku Gozen In Progress

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Shoki & Foo Dog In Progress

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Pharaoh’s Horses In Progress

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